Chocolate and Raspberry Mason Jar Delight 

I was invited to a supper the other night, with some friends. I wanted to bring something sweet for desert, so I scrolled down my Pinterest board “FOOD_For Our Sweet Tooth“, and found this cake that seemed just perfect. It had layers of brownies and mousses, what can I ask more! But I hate cakes, because they have to be cut, and that, I hate! So I decided to change the recipe and make the dessert in individual small mason jars. 

The brownie from the recipe seemed “blahh” so I decided to try another recipe that looked good. They were amazing, the best brownies I ever had, really amazing! The recipe proposes to put extra chocolate chips on top, I didn’t and it was still super good. I like a soft brownie on the inside that’s a bit more crispy on the outside, that’s what I got! I definitely recommend this

After baking the brownies, I made the raspberry mousse from the cake recipe. I found that it was just enough like that and that I could skip the chocolate mousse layer that the cake recipe proposed. The mousse was way easier to make then the ones that I had made in the past and the consistency was perfect!

So here’s how this recipe goes; I started by baking the brownies in a pan and letting them cool down. Then I cut them so they could fit in the bottom of my small Masson jars. I topped the brownies with the raspberry mousse, sprinkled raspberry and brownie crumbles on top and drizzled a little raspberry syrup that was left from making the mousse. Tada! You’ve got yourself an amazing looking desert that’s easy to travel and that doesn’t have to be cut before serving.

I hope you’ll enjoy this dessert as much as my friends and I did.

Enjoy, M


Artichoke and Lemon Bruschetta

I was looking for a little something to eat for lunch, while I was browsing on Facebook, I found this interesting recipe. It’s Artichoke and Lemon Bruschetta, fabulous recipe! But even better the next day, garlic and olive, wow!

Here’s the link to the recipe. Unfortunately,it’s in French. But I’m sure you guys can manage to understand, it’s a super simple recipe after all. And while you are on the Signé M site, you might as well take a look around, you never know what Louis-Francois Marcotte has to hide.

Bon appetite, M